Monday, January 16, 2006

Late Afternoon sun in the Land of Enchantment

We are still in Albuquerque and will be for a while longer...don't know how much.
Joel is improving slowly and the docs have decided to let her continue doing the work herself: walking, coughing, using her I.S. (a breathing tool whose name I forgot...she sucks on it to increase the capacity of her lungs.)
The other treatment they could try at this point, would have a downside in that she would have to 'get over' the treatment in addition to regular general recovery.
............ahhhthe mysteries of modern medicine......................

The experience of being in the hospital (and home care as well) with someone who is/has been this sick is amazing. When I get a chance to step back and take a longer view (like here in this blog) I realize how easy it is to have tunnel vision; to focus only on Joel; to feel caught up in the drama; to worry and be afraid. It's easy to overextend. It's easy to forget that the experience is not happening just to Joel, but to both of us. I'm getting a really close look at the dragon known as Caretakerous. Whew! Does she have a hold on me!!!! Thank goodness I'm really getting a good look at her.

I'm at the hotel now (left the hospital before 4:00 PM) and will go out to dinner soon...and follow that with an evening alone in the room. I confess that I am really looking forward to it. I think Indian food... I know a great place...or maybe Thai...hmmm.

to all who are holding us in your hearts and wishing us well, THANK YOU!!!! Knowing you are out there makes a big difference.


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