Saturday, July 22, 2006

Old & New: A look at house history, Pt 1

I've been figuring out how to show you some of the changes in my property here in Ruidoso as I talk about the angst of leaving...
For overview, know this. When I bought this 1/3 acre lot in 1981 it had on it a 10X60 trailer with two add-ons, and a separate frame building (on a slab) that housed a workshop/studio. That space is why I chose this place. It looked like this:

There was an extra room with a fireplace built out on the back side, too. I could stand flat-footed in any room and put my palms flat on the ceilings...I'm 5' 4"! The extra building is at the other end loosely connected with a concrete slab and a a breezeway.

In some decade (?) I replaced the roof with a pitched one that covered the trailer, the add-ons, and the breezeway.

It was a comfy home for me and Patina, my first cat.
When we added Joel to the mix in 1994, it started getting really small.

In 2001, we found a great deal on a freshly re-po'd double-wide modular. Truly too good to be, really.

The new one started out like this:

We had to bring in a lot of dirt to make the lot level out beyond the original porch (see 1st photo).

In this shot, you can almost see just the tiniest edge of the studio on the extreme left...that rusty brown square is the edge of its roof. As you can see, the new house, being 27' wide instead of 10', had a larger footprint. The old house had 3 steps downs to extra room and two more down to breezeway/studio level. The new one-level house ended up sitting much higher one the studio end than the original. So figuring out how to put it all together became quite problematical. The differences are clear in this shot from the back:

...I can't seem to add more pictures to this. I'll post this one, and come back in again....


Don't know if it's me or Blogger, but the photo thing is not going to happen today.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

hi, kate,

great to catch up with you & joel! as a realtor in my former life, i can really empathize with what you are going through. you have done so much with your home, it is hard to leave it. i hand-held & hugged many a crying transferee who was leaving friends, family, & anything familiar to them. only to check in with them a few months later to find they loved their new home, neighbors, etc. i can't say that was true 100% of the time, but more often than not.

i'm with wandering woman -- hire the pros for the move. it's not worth tearing the wires out of joel's chest. you can replace the money, but you can't replace joel!

i'll put the sale of your home in my prayer intentions.

love, peace & patience to you both,

ps - i broke my wrist a week ago, so i'm 1-finger typing. sorry about no caps -- takes too much energy to use the shift key!

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Kate Winner said...

Thanks, Nancy!
I think the 'pro' decision is already made. It's just a little amazing how hard (and how long)we resisted the procedure!


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