Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Good News on Joel's Recovery

We're still working on the IV's and will be doing so until a week from Thursday, but I am thrilled to see that Joel has made remarkable strides in her recovery. The IV's are about an infection in one of the wound sites that is being well-handled by the antibiotics, and she has added optiflora and yogurts back to her diet so the drugs shouldn't be too problematical.

She's a little more that 6 weeks past the heart surgery. The site is healing well. Breast bone area still a little tender, but not more than should be. The worst parts for her were all the troubles she had with her left lung. It collapsed twice during recovery from the initial surgery, and once again after we were home. The second time necessitated a second set of chest tubes and, when those failed to do the job, a second surgical procedure. Right after getting home from that, the infection developed.

So we've had our share of stress in the last couple of months. Happily though, Joel is doing beautifully. She's logging time on the treadmill and beginning to cut back on the oxygen. Her energy is up about 150% and she's almost stopped the pain meds. Things are looking so good for her, now.

Thanks for all your prayers and support during these weeks. We really appreciate it! :)


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