Thursday, February 23, 2006

Partial Sanity's a Bitch

You won't believe this story...but I SWEAR it's true.
~~~~~~for background, see the Conglutdemuck series (here's the list).

Joel & I were in Albuquerque yesterday for Joel's heart doc checkup (she's Great!) and so had to eat away from home.
For me, that means Restaurants!! Hooray-hooray! I'm thinking 'exotic' or, at least a restaurant we don't have in Ruidoso - easy, huh? And I'm thinking...what's it going to taste like, feel like, smell like, and how do I stretch it out to a couple of hours and some nice wine, ...right? And I'm thinking about this mucho for several days before we go. Not obsessing, mind you, just 'thinking'...24/7

...and I didn't have the guts to say, Hey, Joel! I'll watch you eat at the salad bar, if you'll watch me eat at the... Macaroni Grill, Chili's, Orchid Thai, Red Lobster.... hey, come on, I'm flexible here. ...!

Well, we DID have E. Indian food at lunch. It was wonderful. We'd talked about that one. It's fresh and wonderful and spicy and we both love it. Did I say it was wonderful?
Then Sue told us about the Cold Stone Creamery who sells a wonderful product known as 'Sinless' that is truly wonderful and won't wreck your food plan. So that rings all of Joel's old bells.

We were doing great until things started going the way they do with doctors and medical staffs. This thing takes a little longer then that one takes a little longer and......
We totally forgot one thing and then it was almost 5:00 and I'm thinking...boy, if we get ice cream NOW, Joel won't even WANT any dinner and then what the f%#& do I do??

A compromise and a poor choice results in anything BUT the dinner I had in mind.

Now, here comes the good part.
We're at breakfast the next morning and we are having eggs and toast. My 'binge' includes bacon. Joel orders scrambled, I order over medium. (I'm picky about it.)
When they come, both orders are scrambled. My very least favorite egg.
I did my regular MO: say thanks, then pick up the ticket to see what the server wrote. (meanwhile she gets away, thinking all is well.) She wrote OM.
Now, I 'should' send them back. Not only do I not like scrambled eggs, I can prove the mistake is not mine. (You ARE picking up on how 'nuts' this is, aren't you...well, the best is yet to come!)

If I do send them back, then we eat seperately, or Joel eats cold food...

In a few minutes, I start clouding up and tears come to my eyes and I say,
"When we get to Lubbock, I think I am going to have to join Overeaters Anonymous; I am having an out-of-proportion reaction to my eggs." At which time, I start to cry (quietly) in the restaurant... God, I'm losing it.

A minute later, I swear, not longer, I look up and smile, and say to Joel, "it's hard to be partly sane".
At which point, we burst out laughing. I mean really.
Am I losing it?

or maybe i'm getting it...


At 4:30 PM, Blogger wandering-woman said...

OK, I don't know nuttin bout nuttin, although I did spend years using food as mother, boyfriend, husband, abuela, pet, you name it :-) (My college roomie use to arrive home (often) to find me surrounded by cartons of whole milk and boxes of oreos, and she'd always say the same thing, God love her: "OK, what happened?" )

I've decided that qualifies me to play el diablo here....
I'd never want to stop going nuts over (ok a smaller, now) portion of something that tastes absolutely fabulous. For the taste, not the dragon. I dunno, I wondered if you weren't torturing yourself just a little with all the pressure about food, which when eaten without dragons, adds a lot to life, no?.....ok, looking at the check before commenting is pretty something there, Kate...but I (el diablo) say you can eat your eggs the way they taste best to you, guiltlessly, even when Conglutdemuck has been conquered.....Gotta enjoy life and savor every morsel, no? Me, I just try to savor smaller and healthier morsels now, eaten for the taste, and not the company. :-)

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Kate Winner said...

You're right, of course.
It was the crying over them in the first place that gave me pause.

And this is ALL different at this level of evolution, small though it may be.

Being who I am, I can't even imagine not enjoying many aspects of food...just want to stop the crazies.
I appreciate hearing from you here; you always bring great insight.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger wandering-woman said...

They treat the commenters real nice here. I like this place.


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